Your Air-Actuated Instument and Equipment work at their best for a long period when you feed with clean dry air at a constant prescribed pressure. 

PLACKA FPR-Series Air filter-cum-Pressure Regulator removes completely the moisture and dust particles, and provides the exact pressure constantly at varying air demands. Its compactness and highly accurate performance for a long period with minimum of maintainance make for an optimum compromise between the ideal and the practical, consisten with end-use.

This economically prices unit is extensively used for Process Control Instruments, Air-actuated Control Valves, Cylinders and other equipments.

Salient Features



The primary air through the inlet port, passes through the filter element, leaving down the contaminants in the bowl. When the knob is adjusted suitably, the spring acts on the diaphragm which in turn actuates the main valves to allow the pure secondary air at a particular pressure to the outlet. The main valve is supported between the relief valve and the main valve spring, eliminating the need for stem guiding, Toggle action between main valve and drelief vavle completely eliminates the alignment problems and thus, erratic output pressure.

Regulation Characteristics

The secondary pressure at the bottom of the diaphragm balances against the set position of the main spring to keep the main valve at the adjusted position. When the secondary pressure rises above the set point, it pushes the diaphragm away from the relief valve and the excess air finds its way to atmosphere through the bleed hole.

Flow Characteristics

When the air flow from the Regulator is increased the secondary pressure falls belwo the set point. This ‘pressure drop’ in supply will force your equipment to function erratically. But PLACKA Air Set reduces the pressure drop successfully by an aspirator. The aspirator connects the outlet port and the chamber under the diaphragm. When flow increases, the aspirator creates a lower pressure below the diaphragm, which in turn forces the main valve to open further and thus more air flows in to compensate the pressure drop.


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